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Mergers & Takeovers

The quickest way to book growth

The takeover of an existing enterprise is often the quickest way to book growth.

But a takeover, merger or splitting is an intensive and highly complex process. The legal side is accompanied by fiscal and financial rules, obligations and formalities. To say nothing of other aspects, such as emotions, negotiations, mapping out strategy for further progress … These require utmost concentration and application. And all the while the daily business must go on.

How do you limit your risk? How do you optimise the added value of your takeover? Together we decide on the most suitable form of takeover. Accurately and result-driven. Our expertise also guarantees you the best connection with existing or future expansion or foreign plans.

Tailored to your merger or takeover project, we help you in:

  • The drafting or evaluation of a declaration of intent
  • The execution of financial, fiscal and legal due diligence (inspection of the books on takeovers)
  • The drafting or evaluation of shares or assets sale-purchase contracts
  • All post-acquisition formalities


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