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Assistance & Reports



Certain financial formalities are dealt with (on a compulsory basis) by an appointed auditor. But in the following cases Feniks can assume the task as external accountant:

  • Your company is converted into a different legal form
  • There is a limitation or suspension of the preferential right determining the intrinsic value
  • In case of a splitting or a merger
  • On voluntary dissolution of your company

In smaller enterprises that have not appointed an auditor, each shareholder has an individual right of inspection and investigation. Minority shareholders may count on our support in an inspection of the books, the valuation of the company, advice about the real value of the shares, production of a donation deed …



As an independent accountants office we also have the in-house expertise to take care of the legal external reporting of your company:

  • the issue of shares
  • the limitation or suspension of the preferential right
  • the representation or assistance of a shareholder in the exercise of his right of inspection
  • the conversion of your company into a different legal form
  • company mergers
  • the splitting of companies
  • the liquidation of companies
  • the buy-out bid


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