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Catering on a marketing event

Professional restaurant and reception expenses are 100% deductible. A dinner with your client is deductible for only 69%, reception costs for only 50%. But does this also go for catering expenses during an open door event? This is not just a dinner or reception. This should after all be 100% deductible since it is publicity? ‘Yes’ says the Minister … ‘No’ says the Court of Cassation.

The lump sum mileage allowance from 1 July 2019 up to 30 June 2020

Traditionally it is communicated shortly before 1 July what the amount will be for federal civil servants when they use their private car for professional purposes. But this is also news for accountants and tax advisers since this amount also has tax relevance.

When is VAT due on the letting of immovable property?

As from 1 January 2019 VAT is due on the letting of immovable property … or more precisely VAT can be due. The tax authorities recently further explained in which situations VAT might be due on the rent.

No capital requirements for the private company (BV)

Since the entry into force of the Companies and Associations Code (CAC) on 1 May the number of company forms is reduced to four. Much attention goes to the private company and especially the abolishment of the capital concept. Why choose this company form?

Professional expenses lump sum now also for self-employed

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur, then you have as from tax year 2019 the possibility to deduct your professional expenses as a lump sum. Until now this was not possible, since only actual proven costs could be deducted from profits. As from now you can as an entrepreneur also opt for a lump sum deduction.

In which sectors can the lump sum flat-rate scheme apply?

The list of sectors which can apply the VAT lump sum flat-rate scheme is determined by royal decree. The list for 2019 is published in the meantime. Again, the application conditions were explicitly laid down. The old Royal Decree of 1969 is herewith abolished.

Benefit in kind for company cars reduces in 2019

The benefit in kind for company cars is based on a formula. An essential element for the formula is the CO2 emissions reference level. The higher the car scores above the reference level, the higher the benefit in kind. This reference level is laid down every year in a royal decree. The amounts for this year are favourable for the tax payer: the benefit in kind decreases.

Privacy of tax payers after GDPR

The GDPR rules (General Data Protection Regulation) are European rules protecting the privacy of citizens. Companies should comply with a number of rules in order to ensure that data are not misused. But also the government falls within this scope. So how about the tax authorities and your privacy?

When is restaurant expenditure deductible?

A business lunch is an excellent occasion to negotiate a difficult contract. The restaurant expenditure is however only partially deductible. Hereafter we briefly remind you of the applicable rules.

VAT consequences of giving away goods for free

Do you sometimes give goods from your stock for free? In such case, you should be aware that when you give away gifts, this will have VAT consequences. If you have deducted VAT for these goods, you should correct this. In practice this means: you make a self-supply and pay VAT. On this general rule, there are a number of exceptions: supplying samples, business gifts of limited value, supplying food surpluses and gifts to good causes after disasters.

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