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How to report extra earnings without additional taxation?

The ‘work on the side-law’ makes it possible to earn tax free extra money. This is possible for employees working at least 4/5, for self-employed and retired individuals. As long as the income stays within predefined limits, no contributions nor taxes are due. As from 15 July 2018 the assignments should be reported through an online service. A brief outline of how it works.

Benefit in kind for a house: factor 2 instead of 3,8

The way the value of the free use of a house for an employee or director is calculated, is under discussion for quite some time. The government now announced to adapt the rules. The value is calculated with the new formula: KI x 100/60 x 2.

Private pension savings : opt for 960 or 1.230 euro?

As of this year, you can opt to save a higher amount as private pension savings, up to 1.230 euro. If you choose to do so, you will obtain a relative lower advantage. The reduction is reduced from 30% to 25% of the saved amount. You should give this good thought. And opt explicitly.

Where does transport of goods takes place for VAT purposes?

Transport of goods normally takes place in the country where the recipient of the services is established. In case the transport fully takes place within Belgium, or outside the EU, the use and enjoyment rule applies. The place of the supply of the services will then be the place of the actual use.

Cash for car: interesting for who?

The tax and social advantageous mobility allowance or cash for car scheme is not the same as the mobility budget. This we explained earlier. The mobility allowance exists since 1 January 2018, the introducing of the mobility budget is in preparation. In this article, we focus on the legal and tax treatment of the mobility allowance: swap a company car for cash.

Catering expenditure fully deductible

There have been long discussions about the deductibility of catering expenditure. Are these reception costs and therefore only partial deductible? Or marketing expenses and 100% deductible. The minister is now tolerant. Catering expenditure for a marketing event are now fully deductible.

Over & out for the merchant notion

The law of 15 April 2018 has transposed a significant reform of our company law into practice. The merchant notion is abolished. Instead a new business definition is introduced. The law of evidence is transferred to Civil Law Code. The changes apply in principle as from 1 November 2018.

Immovable renting with VAT will soon be possible

As of 1 October VAT payers will be able to rent out immovable property with VAT. Clear advantage is that the landlord can deduct VAT on its investment and costs. For the tenant the rent is also deductible. With these new rules the Government wants to simplify the VAT rules and improve the competitive position of Belgium.

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